Real Estate, Dan Deacon, Doug Tuttle, IAN SWEET lead 2017 Waking Windows lineup


Whether it’s about film, television shows, or presidential elections, we live in a culture that despises spoiler alerts. It’s maybe, as some have theorized, one of the last revered tenants of a modern society. Quite simply: You just don’t spoil shit for others.

So we don’t know for sure if Real Estate dropped a massive spoiler earlier in the week when the New Jersey indie rock band revealed it was playing Vermont’s Waking Windows festival this spring. Maybe they jumped the gun, or maybe they were given the green light to lead the lineup-reveal charge. We don’t know, and frankly, we don’t care, because this morning the pride of Winooski revealed its full 2017 lineup, and it’s a motherfucking beast.

Joining Real Estate at the multi-day, multi-venue, SXSW-esque festival May 5 to 7 are headliners Dan Deacon, !!!, Frankie Cosmos, Pond, Big Thief, Screaming Females, and Rough Francis.


The undercard, perhaps the fest’s lifeblood, is just as ace, with dozens of artists and bands like IAN SWEET, Doug Tuttle, Mini Dresses, Leapling, Beeef, and others joining in at various walkable stops around Winooski.

Peep the flyer below for the full dish.

After attending last year’s fest — where Lady Lamb played on a street stage, Burglary Years in a coffee shop, and Waxahatchee at a church, amongst countless others, nearly all photographed by Ben Stas — we’ve had this circled on the calendar heading into 2017. Now the countdown begins.

Get ticket and updated lineup info at wakingwindows.com, and scan our full gallery of last year’s event here.

Waking Windows 2017