Perturbator’s gear stolen in San Francisco, seeks synth help for Somerville show

UPDATE 4:02 p.m.: Good work everyone, gear has been acquired.

“Thanks to you all, we got our problem almost completely solved in less than 24 hours and will be able to have the gear in every cities,” Perturbator writes this afternoon. “You people are phenomenal and I really cannot express how grateful i am to all of you who helped out, sent messages, shared the post and gave your support. That is amazing 🙂 Thank you so much, to everyone. I’ll go into details later if necessary, just a little info now to make things a bit clear: The actual theft didn’t happen in the street but in the private parking of our hotel, filled with cameras and next to a security guard. To all my SF fans, keep looking at pawn shops if you can. This case is currently under investigation with SF’s police authorities.”

Our original post is below…


Ten days into the New Year, and 2016’s ominous grip doesn’t seem to be letting go quite yet. Not even dark-synth musician Perturbator is safe.

On Tuesday evening, two of Perturbator’s synthesizers were stolen from the back of his tour van while on tour in San Francisco. From a photo posted by Perturbator on his Facebook page, it looks like the back window of the van was smashed to swipe the synths.

In the Facebook post, Perturbator, who goes by James Kent to the unconverted, asked for any information regarding the synths’ whereabouts. He also asked if he could borrow fans’ synthesizers, specifically a Prophet 6 synth and a Moog Sub 37, for the remaining stops of his U.S. tour.

Perturbator plays the Boston area for the first time this Saturday (January 14) at ONCE Ballroom in Somerville. The self-described “half-human, half-synthesizer” has shows in Chicago, New York, and Montreal in the days prior. So he needs some help.

Read Perturbator’s full Facebook post below, and connect with Kent if you can lend a synth.

“Hi there, North America

My backline got stolen from the van in SF.

We’re all ok but unfortunately all the gear is gone. We won’t cancel any of the upcoming dates (Chicago, NY, Montreal, Boston), and will try our best to provide a good show no matter what. If anyone in these cities happen to own, or know someone who owns a Prophet 6 synth and a moog sub 37, and is willing to let me borrow it for the show, please send me a message. That would be extremely kind. Show must go on.”