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Resistance In Stereo: Listen to the 45-band charity compilation ‘We Are Not Trump’


Shortly after Election Day, Somerville musician and multi-intrumentalist Christopher Brown (Vary Lumar, DESK, and the Difference Engine) put out a call for bands and artists from New England and beyond to help soundtrack an anti-Donald Trump compilation to benefit the American Civil Liberties Union.

Titled We Are Not Trump, or WANT, the comp was supposed to be released on Inauguration Day, January 20, as Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America.

But desperate times call for desperate measures, and WANT, which generated significant interest nationwide, is here several days early. The comp features 45 contributions, including New England bands like When Particles Collide, Salem Wolves, Psychic Dog, and the Dazies.


“We put out an open invitation, and capped off the tracklist at 45,” Brown tells Vanyaland this morning. “We figured that would be fitting for the 45th president. We are doing a volume two and are still accepting submissions.”

Those who want to contribute to the second compilation are asked to join the private, troll-screened We Are Not Trump group on Facebook.

Back in November, Brown said he was spurred into action after the results of the presidential election, where Trump won the electoral college despite losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by more than 2.5 million votes.


“I know enough people who have legit cause for concern at the bewildering election of an unqualified demagogue who has promised to revoke basic rights for some citizens,” Brown told us back then. “As musicians, protesting [for] basic fundamental rights is something that has been prevalent from Woody Guthrie to Rage Against the Machine. It feels dishonest to sit by and not try to do some kind of good when so many people feel that their safety could be endangered by Trump, or, more frighteningly, his followers.”

Listen to Volume 1 of We Are Not Trump below, and check the cover art and full tracklisting after the jump.



We Are Not Trump, Vol. 1 Tracklist:
1. When Particles Collide – Fight
2. Salem Wolves – Shameless
3. The Wrong Chaneys – Das Fútura
4. Soft Pyramids – Another Roving Madness
5. Stars Like Ours – High
6. Monkeys of a Bygone Era – Gems
7. Lost Cosmonauts – Happy
8. Benjamin Heddon – Unrest Vol. II
9. Vary Lumar – Breaker
10. Jack Romanov – New Years Eve
11. Butterscott – The Buttersville USA Academy Fight Song
12. Surprise Party – Crabs
13. Gramlins – Neoteny
14. Petty Morals – Not Going Back
15. The Four Point Restraints – Casualty
16. The Dazies – American Lie [Home Demo]
17. Jess Jacobs – Who Can We Trust?
18. Redukt – Tolerate
19. The Difference Engine – Colony Collapse
20. Nau-Zee-auN – Xenophobia [W.A.N.T mix]
21. Downcity Armory – Herd Cities
22. Jack Burton Vs. David Lo Pan – Soul Swallower
23. Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys – Whole Way Down
24. PowerSlut – Switch Hitter
25. Killer Cortez – Pine Ridge Peltier
26. Jason Halogen – All I Ever Do Is Win
27. Psychic Dog – SO
28. The Guilloteenagers – Books Endorsed By Kirk Cameron
29. Thirty Silver – Burn
30. What About Naomi? – Somebody Else’s Fool
31. Box of Birds – Think About It
32. Solo Sexx – Yes Queen [Radio Edit]
33. Pattern Behavior – Conquer [Secret Societies Remix]
34. Thrust Club – Codebreakers
35. Sun Hat – Chemicals
36. Los Bungalitos – Antiquated Modernity
37. Wolf Blitzer – American Nervousness
38. Unstraight – Show Me
39. Diamond Guts – The Worst Kind Of News
40. Cathode Ray Tube – March Of The Deplorables
41. Ukuphambana – Auto Chaos Memory Timer
42. Gun Mother – Two Wounded Birds
43. Bears For Years – Garden (Unplugged)
44. Inspector 34 – Terrified
45. Sawtooth feat. Jacob Russell – Laissez Faire 2016