New Original: Bad Rabbits show off a harder core on ‘American Nightmare’


We have a special kind of love for Bad Rabbits.

The Boston band released their debut album, American Love, back on May 14, 2013, the day before this publication was launched. And now last month, a few days after we redesigned and rebooted our website, the Bad Rabbits gents did the same to their trademark R&B and funk sound, low-key dropping a new album titled American Nightmare that welcomes a fresh mix of hardcore, alt-metal, and other styles for their most eclectic and abrasive record to date.

American Nightmare is available for free download via the band’s homepage, and you can preview the tenacious first single, “Original,” via the video below. It certainly channels the tension and pent-up frustration a lot of us have been feeling in recent weeks.


“It’s a bit different,” one of the Bad Rabbits dudes tells Vanyaland. “An album we had to get off our chests.”

Bad Rabbits have always cited bands like Deftones as influences, and now that sound has come to the forefront.

While you’re DL’ing American Nightmare, click on the young superhero’s eyes for brief teasers of what else is coming from the Bad Rabbits crew. It appears a return to the nightclub is in order, but not before tearing shit up and getting some of that classic American aggression out into the mix.