Lando Cal-Diss-ian: Childish Gambino’s ‘Bonfire’ gets the ‘Stranger Things’ mash-up treatment


Here comes everything all at once.

Late last Friday afternoon, everyone around the world interrupted their Stranger Things Halloween costume design sessions — Are you going to be Eleven with a bloody nose? Barb with them funny ’80s glasses? A sick mother-effin’ Demogorgon?!?! — to marvel at the news that Donald Glover, the Atlanta and Magic Mike XXL actor who also does business as rapper extraordinaire Childish Gambino, would play young Lando Calrissian in the upcoming 2018 Han Solo film, the latest in the blossoming Star Wars standalone film series.

We still can’t believe Glover got the role, because it’s just too perfect.


Now, just in time for Halloween re-surfaces kmlkmljkl’s month-old mash-up of Gambino’s Camp track “Bonfire” with Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of Survive’s spooky-ass score from Stranger Things. The two vibes are a perfect match for each other, combining the MC’s rapid-fire flow (and Human Centipede reference) with the sinister synths that provided the lead-in theme from Netflix’s massive breakout hit.

There might still be time for Glover to get cast in Stranger Things 2, due next year, but if not, there’s no worry — he’s showing no signs of slowing down in all of his other talent departments. Survive, meanwhile, help Boston extend the Halloween season by a few days when they play Great Scott in Allston on November 2.

Fire up your new favorite Halloween jam — on a day when we have a few of them — below via Soundcloud, and hat tip to Slate.