City Sounds: Birch connects with Brooklyn passerby on new electronic pop song ‘Human’


It’s been more than a year since Brooklyn’s Birch have released new music, and the band’s new song, “Human,” has us excited for what’s to come on their upcoming 2017 EP, Not Human. As the brainchild of Michelle Birsky, Birch’s sound pulls heavily from electronic, rock, and pop influences, and that’s quite apparent in the new single.

“Human”, which you can hear below and on Soundcloud, takes a slower, synth-infused start with seemingly ominous words, then seamlessly transitions into a melodic chorus filled to the brim with percussion and guitar elements. Birch’s music often delves into the inner workings of the human psyche and how that translates into the physical world, and “Human” is no divergence. Though made up of mostly cryptic lyrics, the song acknowledges the human components that connect all of us.

“I wrote the song last year — it began as I was walking around my neighborhood in Brooklyn thinking about how strange it is that, in such a populated city, we pass hundreds of other humans per day without acknowledging their existence,” says Birsky via Impose Magazine. “I was struck with the realization that we all walk the same streets, we all breathe the same air, we all want and strive, we’re all made up of molecules: we are all one.”


Listen to “Human” below, and check out more of Birch’s music here.