Rabble Rousers: Listen to the new split release from the Upper Crust and the Grannies


It’s a big Saturday for rock — or rocque if you’re in the know — at ONCE in Somerville. Boston regal men of leisure the Upper Crust headline a grand lineup which also features fellow locals Devil on Horsebackthe cow punk stylings of the Hickoids, who are hitting the East Coast for the first time in 25 years, and San Francisco’s the Grannies, a band founded by Sluggo Cawley of one-time Cambridge punks Hullabaloo when the guitarist moved out to the Bay Area (Side note: Want to read a crazy Sluggo story involving a smashed Kurt Cobain guitar? Read this.)

Last month, the Upper Crust hooked up with the Grannies for a bi-coastal split release — a unique take on the split 7-inch — which can be streamed below in advance of the show.

Dubbed Lords & Ladies, and distributed by Saustex, it features five tracks from each band. The Crust churn out their half where they shine best, in a live setting, with fan favorites like “Highfalutin'” and “Persona Non Grata,” while their west coast brethren give up a saucerful full of guitar-driven, stone cold rock.


Check out “White Glove Service” and “Stone Fruit” if you’re pressed for time, otherwise crack open a cold one and start pre-gaming now for tomorrow’s show. Details on the flyer.