George Woods fills in lost memories of family relationships with ‘My Father’s Son’


Boston’s George Woods has developed an uncanny knack for allowing his songs to tap into raw human emotion. Back in June, the funk-folk singer-songwriter released a video for “Highest Love”, a song of human compassion that was augmented by its visual message of universal love and acceptance; we posted it shortly after the Orlando nightclub shooting massacre, and its message resonated.

Now, Woods is back with another video, this time for the personal “My Father’s Son”, a composition he says was inspired by conversations with his brother in trying to piece together his personal backstory with his dad. The video centers around a child running away from home.

“[It] was born from a conversation with my brother where I realized there were large chunks of my childhood I couldn’t remember,” Woods tells Vanyaland. “Right after my dad got remarried there’s a lot of blank space, replaced only by a memory of anger, and a lingering need to be heard. This song is for anyone who needs a voice, who feels like they don’t have one. For me it’s in these two lines: ‘My soul is a songbird whose trapped in a cage, and every word from my lips is it trying to escape’.”


The My Father’s Son” video was directed and edited by Woods, and filmed by Alec Hutson. Watch it below, and catch Woods at the Plough & Stars in Cambridge on October 3, the latest Lysten Boston production.