‘The event brought us closer’: Providence’s The Low Anthem suspend tour after van accident

Providence psych-folk band the Low Anthem have suspended their current tour after their van crashed on the way to a show in Washington, D.C. The accident happened on Friday, reportedly, and the band have said they are “lucky to be alive”.

A note posted to the Low Anthem’s Facebook page revealed that no one was seriously hurt in the crash, but much of their gear and instruments were damaged. The band members have returned home to rest and heal.

The Low Anthem’s latest record, Eyeland, came out earlier this month. “Despite the sadness, the event brought us closer and left us determined to heal up and get back out to share Eyeland with you,” the band writes. “We are going to take a deep breath and do that.”

Involved in the crash were all four Low Anthem band members and a videographer. In the band’s note, guitarist Bryan Minto was praised, as his “fighter-pilot reactions saved the lives of a few pedestrians.” Minto is currently on crutches.

Additional details surrounding the crash have yet to be made public. Here is their note in full, with a look at the van after the accident:

dear Low Anthem friends,

with a weird combination of bitter regret and infinite gratitude we are suspending the eyeland tour. we feel so lucky to be alive and mostly undamaged, but also so sad to suspend the tour at the very moment we felt things coming together. we got a glimpse of the music this line-up can make. it was starting to happen. a lot of instruments smashed. so it is. despite the sadness, the event brought us closer and left us determined to heal up and get back out to share eyeland with you. we are going to take a deep breath and do that.


~ Jeff is ok, healing with his family in Jersey.
~ Ben is ok, spending the week in Providence salvaging and fixing piles of gear.
~ Florence is ok, walked out with a scratched knee, but also a British accent.
~ Bryan is ok, maybe seen crutching around. his fighter-pilot reactions saved the lives of a few pedestrians and yours truly.
~ Natale who has been filming the tour is behind the camera, and she is ok. operating the camera with her unslung arm.
~ Steve, our sound engineer, is ok. he was not in the van because he was at his own bachelor party. see Steve is a psychic.

we are so grateful for the love and thoughts sent. they have lifted spirits and set us about healing. thank you to Josh who drew us this rad get well card. traveling around to share music is risky business, but so is cliff jumping. so is riding your bike to the tea shop. it’s an amazing privilege, and we are lucky. ignore the actuaries, friends. fill this world with beauty by any means.
yours with love,

ben, jeff, florence, bry
~ the low anthem~