Dirty Fences robbed of ‘all of our equipment, instruments and merchandise’ in Rome

New York garage rock dudes Dirty Fences have been tearing it up across Europe for the past month, but hit a serious roadblock this morning. The band was reportedly robbed of all of its gear and merchandise during a stop in Rome, after playing Coropuna in the Italian city last night.

On Wednesday afternoon, they relayed the news through social media and have set up a GoFundMe page, which has generated about $3,500 in the last hour or so. The band doesn’t get into too much detail about the incident on the fundraiser page’s description, but the situation seems pretty dire — and we hate it when this kind of shit happens to a band on tour, and especially in another country. Up next on their itinerary is a Thursday night show at Beer Beach in Cagliari, Italy, but who knows if that’ll even happen.

They write:

Hello Dirty Fences World,

We are in an emergency situation in Europe. We were robbed of all of our equipment, instruments and merchandise in Rome this morning. Anyone who knows us knows that we arent the type to ask for charity or hand outs under any normal circumstances, and that we pride ourselves on being independent resourceful boys.

Right now we need any help that you can give us, so that we can continue this tour and continue to do this Rock N Roll Thing. This isnt our hobby or our lifestyle, this is our life, this is how we eat, and we are asking that if you ever cared about us that youll send us a few $$$$$$$ in our time of need.

For example:

if 100 people send $10 thats already a >>>HUGE<<< help. Please spare us a buck for luck. We appreciate you and we love you and we want to keep truckin and giving you what you love. Thank you Rock N Roll Bros and Sis' of the world. Love, Dirty Fences

Chip in, held a band in need.