Vroom Vroom With The Boom Boom: Listen to Charli XCX’s manic new ‘experimental’ EP

While the world waits for that long-promised “punk album” from Charli XCX, the alt-pop queen is passing the time by fucking around with weirdo beats and schitzo not-pop music.

As Pigeons & Planes notes, the songwriter announced a few days ago that she’s starting a new label called Vroom Vroom Recordings, which will find the gal born Charlotte Emma Aitchison busting out some “experimental” pop cocktails.

That’s especially the case on the new Vroom Vroom EP, a SOPHIE-produced four-track collection of songs and sounds that’s pretty much all over the place. It’s bombastic, it’s weird, it’s chipmunk-esque, it’s hilarious, and at sporadic times Charli’s unmatched pop brilliance flickers through for just a moment. It’s an odd listen all the way through, capped by the 121-second standout “Secret”.

Well see where things progress from here.

But, damn.