Listen to Nate Leavitt & the Elevation’s weathered new folk single, ‘Take Me Back’

Boston singer/songwriter Nate Leavitt is no stranger to Boston audiences. One of the finer musicians in town, the guitarist of Parlour Bells and former Blizzard of ’78 ringleader has quietly crafted an impressive solo career, and has welcomed the new year with a new project, Nate Leavitt & the Elevation.

In advance of Leavitt’s appearance tomorrow night at Atwood’s Tavern in Cambridge for “For The Sake Of The Song: The Music Of David Bowie”, we wanted to spotlight the musician’s new single, a fire-roasted brand of ghost folk and alt-country titled “Take Me Back”.

The single, which you can stream and download via his Soundcloud page, is the first cut off new record Someone Send A Signal, out April 22. The LP is the follow-up to 2014’s fantastic You, Me and the Silence, a collection of bittersweet and heart-on-sleeve songs about loneliness, heartbreak, and personal endurance.

“There’s an inexplicable feeling I get when entering a recording studio and locking the doors on the world outside,” says Leavitt about the new record. “If the faders on the mixing console could talk what would they say? Every musician in there knows it’s time to work and perform at their best. After all you don’t want to let the ghosts in the studio down. Being in a recording studio is a lot like taking refuge in a bunker. There’s an us against the world feeling while holed up together and creating with a band. You hope to come out blazing once you’re finished.”

The blazing begins tomorrow at Atwood’s, where Leavitt will be joined by an impressive cast paying tribute to Bowie, including the Grownup Noise, Jenny Dee, Fenway Park’s Josh Kantor, Abbie Barrett, and others.

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