Rocks City: Delta Bravo exploration team locates Aerosmith’s infamous Waltham ‘Wherehouse’

Back in September, the Boston chapter of the Delta Bravo Urban Exploration Team pinpointed the exact location where Morrissey posed for a photo along Dorchester’s Morrissey Boulevard back in the ’80s. Among locals, it was news to some and common knowledge to others, but having the exact location locked in was of note to readers outside of New England, in particular the original image placed over a larger, more current photo of the area.

This week, Delta Bravo has turned their attention to some of Boston rock history, getting a look at Aerosmith’s infamous A Wherehouse space in Waltham. The 55 Pond St. location has been obstructed from street view since the ’70s, when Aerosmith used the facility to record 1975 album Rocks and house their personnel offices and Aero Force One fan club. The band never really publicized the spot, instead giving hand-drawn directions to invitees and instructing them to look for the “green building” in the back.

As the site Feel Numb notes in its quest to specifically locate the space, the Wherehouse, tucked behind a string of residential apartment buildings, was also used to throw invite-only parties, rehearse, write, and record music, and rent out to other bands. Allegedly, the band Boston scored their record deal after renting out the joint and playing to record executives, and Ted Nugent and Mahogany Rush also used the space, as they shared the same management as Aerosmith.

The space is currently utilized as Baystate Motorcycle. And traces of Aerosmith’s past are long gone.

“I looked around, but saw nothing,” says Bill X of Delta Bravo. “It’s been 30 to 40 years, I am sure most stuff is gone. But you never know.”

Here’s a current look at the property…

And a look on Google Street View, which doesn’t really show much.