It’s [a] Dare: Noel Gallagher and Damon Albarn perform Gorillaz song at Paul Simonon’s birthday party

Clash bassist Paul Simonon turns 60 years old on Tuesday, and tonight, he celebrated his birthday with a little bit of the unthinkable.

At his private birthday bash this evening in London, Simonon welcomed both Noel Gallagher and Damon Albarn to the stage, and the one-time Britpop rivals performed together, taking on Gorillaz’ 2005 hit “Dare.” A snippet of video has since surfaced, and it sounds as weird as it looks.

Heated rumors of some sort of on-stage collaboration between the Blur singer and former Oasis guitarist (and current High Flying Bird leader) made the UK papers in the past week, with the Sun writing: “Damon and Noel get on really well these days and have put all their differences behind them. Noel loves playing no matter where it is and it was an easy yes when Damon asked if he wanted to play guitar with him this weekend. There’s a whole load of rock stars invited, so no doubt a bunch of the other guests will end up on stage, too.”

Other guests at Simonon’s bash included Chrissie Hynde, Jeff Wootton, Zak Starkey, and others. More video to come when it becomes available.

[h/t @anniezaleski]