Eternals offer glimpse into new album with delicate indie-folk single ‘Out Of Context’


Befitting of their band name, Eternals have been slowly building a cult following around Boston. The Somerville-based band, which blends myriad styles and sounds pegged anywhere from atmospheric folk and Americana to classic rock dream-pop (we kinda just made that one up), followed their 2014 debut LP with an excellent, slow-burning single in the spring in “There Might Be Fire”, and promoted it with carefully-selected shows that positioned them in front of diverse crowds, from the 2015 Rock And Roll Rumble in Cambridge to outdoor Converse events at Lovejoy Wharf. They also played our CMJ party with Berklee College of Music in New York City earlier this month.

Now Eternals look further towards the future with new single “Out Of Context,” a tender, textualized track that’s the first taste of new album Isn’t That Anyone, due out next spring. Listen to it, and download it, via Soundcloud (or Bandcamp if you prefer to swing that way).

“Since I moved to Boston 10 years ago, I’ve been making music with beautiful people who inspire and challenge me,” writes Eternals songwriter Stephen Konrads on social media. “I feel incredibly fortunate to have fallen in with these musicians… We’ve been working our tails off on this one. Wanted to try and make something that stands alongside all the people that have inspired us.”

It won’t be long before Eternals do the inspiring. They play Cuisine En Locale on November 13 with Landlady and Hallelujah The Hills, and more info on that show can be found here and via the flyer below.

Eternals Flyer