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Let’s Ride: Charli XCX debuts schizo new track ‘Vroom Vroom’ on Beats 1


Ever since Charli XCX dropped out of her co-headlining tour with Bleachers back in August, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the Alt-Pop Queen’s next move.

Well, vroom vroom motherfuckers. The new XCX is here.

Earlier today Charli broadcast a radio show on Beats 1, filling in for Julie Adenuga, and while she spun tracks from Diplo, Suicide, and the Sex Pistols, she also dropped her new single, “Vroom Vroom,” a schizo bit of side-eye pop weirdness that’s lifted up in the chorus by some traditional ’90s r&B groove-ness. “Vroom Vroom” is billed as a collaboration with producer Sophie, who joins Rita Ora, Igga Azalea, Icona Pop and others as XCX co-conspirators.


Spin reports that “Vroom Vroom” is not the first single off XCX’s follow-up to 2014 LP Sucker, but it does give a good glimpse as to where the British singer/songwriter’s head is at these days.

Buckle up and give “Vroom Vroom” a whirl via Soundcloud.

Featured photo by Bella Howard