Illest It Gets Going: The decks are stacked for Dox Ellis’ going away bash this weekend at Dusk


With every city, big and small, people come and go. They might stay for a week or they might stay for years, but some of them manage to leave a lasting impression. One of the best DJs and producers the Providence music scene has had the luxury of seeing spin, Dox Ellis, will soon be heading west to Los Angeles. This Saturday at Dusk there’s a big going away party for Ellis, featuring a bunch of the top-notch talents from New England’s hip-hop scene.

Fellow DJ Sterby Rock, Boston-based rapper Esh The Monolith, the phenom known as Symmetry, and Ellis’ fellow Poorly Drawn People comrades Storm Davis and Reason will be putting on the festivities along with a few special guests. As if there ever was another reason needed not to miss this, it’ll also be Poorly Drawn People’s final performance ever. And in a small room like Dusk, you’ll be experiencing everything front and center. Before Ellis leaves, Davis and the DJ of the hour wanted to leave us all with a nice going away present.

It won’t be the first present given to us. Originally off of Davis’ 2006 release Kegstand Poetry For The Recovering Alcoholic, “Illest It Gets,” re-released as a special 7-inch this weekend, has a groovy bass line and hard-hitting beats. With Ellis bringing the rhythm, Davis and Symmetry bring the flow with raw and genuine lyrics all about holding your own. Now this 7-inch also has four other versions of the track: One has Ellis sampling The Incredible Bongo Band’s “Apache,” and another is a remix that’s off of the Poorly Drawn People compilation Nothing Stays Gold. There’s also an instrumental version showing the listener Ellis’ expertise while the last version is completely a capella.


On clear lathe-cut vinyl, the 7-inch will be available at Dusk this Saturday and you better grab yourself a copy. Along with taking the stage to rap, Dirty Hank will also be doing MC duties with George Radford, bassist from hardcore punk acts Dropdead and Sweet Jesus as well as being the guitarist for rock and roll badasses World’s Greatest Lover.

Saturday night, let’s give Ellis a proper farewell as he leaves this little city that we know and love for The City Of Angels. Until then check out “Illlest It Gets” and all the remixes.