Photo Gallery: A sun-soaked ‘Last Splash’ at the Verb and Vanyaland’s Pool Party


Editor’s Note: This summer was a good one, so we sent it our in proper style last weekend with our third and final Pool Party at the Verb Hotel. As we prepare to map out the 2016 season, Vanyaland managing editor Michael Christopher sacrificed a swim in order to capture the sights around the pool, documenting the merriment, the good times, and that giant inflatable pink flamingo. Shout out to Downeast Cider House and Notch Brewing Company for quenching thirsts, TheFenway.com for serving up frozen snacks and keeping palms filled with cans, and the Verb’s awesome new restaurant, Hojoko, who providing tasty treats. And of course, much love to the Verb. See you next summer.