The Red Pennys get into that jumping beat at the ‘Takin’ Flight’ record release party


The art of rock and roll comes in all sorts of styles. Punk, blues, and even metal are closely related to the term, but when it gets back to its roots, it shows off a rather timeless feeling. The stuff that’ll make you dance and stomp your feet, and we’re not talking about moshing in a circle pit or banging your head so hard you might have to see a chiropractor the following morning. We’re talking about the music that the likes of Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly became known and loved for.

Providence rockabilly fiends The Red Pennys got that jumping beat that resonates those vintage rhythms and strums and that’ll have you moving in no time. They show that and more with their debut full length Takin’ Flight, which they’ll be releasing at a Revival Brewing-sponsored house party BBQ this Saturday at 1370 Kingstown Road in Wakefield, Rhode Island, right in the heart of South County. It’ll be a family friendly event going on from 3 to 10 p.m. with fellow rockabilly act Whiskey Kill and folky hoedown solo artist Zack Silk joining in on the festivities. As if that wasn’t enough, John Fuller from Easy Ed’s Variety Hour on 91.5 WMFO will be spinnin’ 45’s as well. It’s not a bad way to spend the last weekend of summer on a back porch in the middle of a party.

As for the Takin’ Flight, you can definitely notice the vintage tones that come from the ’50s era analog equipment the trio used while making the album with Brian Charles and Annie Hoffman at Zippah Recording in Boston. Rug-cutters like the rockabilly standard “Where The Rio De Rosa Flows” bring that old-school cool vibe with the right amount of twang. Featuring former Brown Bird member Michael Samos on steel guitar, “Lucky Charm,” which you can hear below, is a steady rollin’ number with Samos’ sliding techniques adding a lovely dimension. Another one of those rug cutters is “Hole Shot”, a fast paced track that’ll get you in the mood to jump to your feet and whiz around the dance floor.


Everyone who attends The Red Pennys’ release for Takin’ Flight on Saturday will get a free copy of the album. What’s better than that? Stream “Lucky Charm” for a sneak peek and make sure to make a voyage down to Wakefield part of your weekend itinerary this Saturday.