Song Premiere: Worcester’s Secret Lover seek ’60s psych-pop refuge from our cruel ‘Ice World’


Earlier this month, Secret Lover kicked off the Friday slate of the 2015 Fuzzstival at the dinner-hungry hour of 7 p.m. After blitzing through a 25ish-minute set that included several tracks off their self-titled debut LP, out September 1 via Indiana label Sister Cylinder, someone in the Middle East crowd remarked, to no one in particular, “Good luck following that.”

It’s true, Secret Lover are a tough act to follow, and the smoky Worcester pop group might be the best band in Massachusetts right now.

The past few years have seen the “sensual psychedelic” quartet release a handful of cassettes and demos, massaging heads and licking eardrums with bittersweet-bliss tracks like “Perfect Wednesday” and “Rubber.” Now, on their debut LP, they elevate their magnetic appeal even further, and we are excited to premiere album cut “Ice World” this morning on Vanyaland. Like the record’s other standout tracks “Sometimes My Wine Becomes My Lover” and “Even After You’re Gone”, the guitar-pop shake appeal of “Ice World” masks the grim realities of today’s world.


“You read the news and it feels so, so bad, man,” frontwoman Sally Horowitz tells Vanyaland via email. “I’m living in the Ice World.”

Aren’t we all?

Listen to “Ice World” below, and catch Secret Lover tonight at their record release party at Distant Castle in Worcester.