Dusk and Rick Sunderland team up for an anniversary-birthday party this weekend in Providence


Saturday nights in Providence are always abundant with fun; nearly every venue in the city or near the city’s borders has a killer show that few want to miss. Some people make the hard choice and stick to one spot while others make the near-impossible choice and try to catch everything that’s going on. At Dusk tomorrow night, Saturday, there will be two noteworthy celebrations going on in one spot: Owner Rick Sunderland will be ringing his 50th birthday (and he doesn’t look like he’s aged a bit) while the venue itself celebrates five years of existence as one of the top places to see live music in the area.

While numerous cities all over the planet have at least a couple shady club owners who always have a habit of screwing over hard working bands on a continual basis and pinching the proverbial penny, Sunderland has become one of the many generous and kind club owners that make Providence a treasure when it comes to independent music and supporting the local arts. He’s not out to make a million, even though he’d love to (like the rest of us), but he always makes sure that everyone who comes through the doors at Dusk is having a good time. Few rival the place’s melding of elegant ambiance and fantastic sound to go with a 100-person capacity that makes it feel just right to throw a party.

Rocksteady funk reggae blues masters Boo City and new wave dance machines Beta Motel will be bringing the righteous vibes, while John Richard who owns The Avery, a popular cocktail bar in Providence’s west end, will be on the 1’s and 2’s spinning awesome tunes throughout the night. While you’re out and about embarking on your travels throughout The Creative Capital tomorrow evening, make sure you stop by and give Rick your thanks for running a classy establishment since the start of the decade. He absolutely deserves it.