Twist Of Pain: Guy who threw sugar at Maroon 5 singer gets put in headlock by Glenn Danzig


A few months ago a 28-year-old guy named Navid Farsi was arrested for throwing powdered sugar at Maroon 5’s Adam Levine as the singer was leaving a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live out in Los Angeles. This past weekend, Farsi was up to some odd tricks again, thumbing his nose at Danzig’s alleged “no photo / no video” policy at a show in Pomona, which naturally earned him the wrath of frontman Glenn Danzig.

Not satisfied with drawing the ire of the singer while up on stage, Farsi again approached the former Misfits and Samhain frontman after the show, and got himself put into a headlock. Danzig also called him an “asshole,” which we think is the response the guy was looking for. Watch the video below.

Via TMZ:


The fan either had massive balls, or was just plain insane … ’cause he started snapping away with his smartphone during Danzig’s Pomona concert last weekend. Lead singer Glenn Danzig quickly snatched the phone, but the real pain came post-concert when the attention-thirsty idiot tried to get on Danzig’s bus … WITH A CAMERA!!!

He was asking for trouble, and got it in the form of a headlock from Glenn. The video is crazy, and if the fan looks familiar — his name is Navid Farsi … the dude who sugar-bombed Adam Levine in Hollywood. Unlike that incident, Farsi did NOT get charged for the Danzig scrap.

Farsi came for the devilock, and left with a headlock. But imagine if he doused Danzig in sugar?