Vanyaland Premiere: Burglary Years set a course for pop yearning in ‘Votre Voix’

We’ve spilt a fair amount of online ink in these digital pages on Boston rock band Burglary Years, who continue to pull us deep down a rabbit hole of engaging, swirling jangle-pop. A few weeks ago we spun heart-shaped circles around the gazing “Hatch,” the first offering from the young band’s debut LP 100 Roses, and now they are back with another selection, the haunting “Votre Voix,” which we are honored to premiere today.

Translated from French to “Your Voice,” we reached out to Burglary Years frontman Greg Cook to get his view of the song, which you can hear below.

“It’s a love letter to a recovering drug addict,” Cook says. “It encompasses the struggle inside both people who are desperately trying to fight off the darkness of the past. The insurmountable frustration of trying to have someone embrace the light inside of their self. The maddening feeling of adoration that’s coupled with the toll of discouragement. The realization that growing older does not equate to finding simplicity in the sadness inside oneself. Every day is a learning experience.”

Come July 17, 100 Roses is out digitally and on cassette via intrepid local label Disposable America, with a vinyl release expected later this year from the UK’s Dog Knights Productions and Signal Fire Press. Later that night, Burglary Years host the record release show at the Democracy Center in Cambridge alongside the Hotelier, Alex Garcia-Rivera’s Chrome Over Brass, and electronic pop upstarts Teenender.

More info via the flyers below…

Burglary Years Announce

Burglary Years Release Flyer