Video: Christian band Matthew 24 Now involved in deadly brawl with police at Walmart in Arizona

Friday evening a police dash-cam video started circulating online showing a group of people brawling with police in a Walmart parking lot in Cottonwood, Arizona. Now news reports have identified the citizens in the brawl as members of a traveling Idaho-based Christian music group called Matthew 24 Now.

The family band apparently sing about the end times — and, as it turns out, are immune to tasers. In the videos below, one allegedly shouts “Jesus, I’m sorry!” as chaos breaks out.

From AZfamily.com: “Video from the dashboard camera of a Cottonwood Police Department cruiser showed a close-knit Idaho family that appeared nearly invulnerable to stun guns, police batons and fists during a melee in a Walmart parking lot March 21 in which one person was killed and one officer wounded by a gunshot.”

Watch the graphic video below.

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Police in the Arizona town released the video after questions about excessive police force started circulating in the community.

Here’s more from AZfamily.com.

On March 21, Cottonwood police officers were called to investigate an assault on a Walmart employee that happened inside the store, but that quickly escalated when investigators tried to separate the Gaver family for questioning.

Cottonwood Police Chief Jody Fanning showed the video during a news conference Friday morning and said no matter what tactics officers used, nothing appeared to deter the family of eight. The dash-cam was the only one of three that was operational that night, Fanning said.

Four officers arrived at the Walmart after employees called about one of the Boise, ID, family members pushing an employee to the ground outside one of the store’s bathrooms.

The family had gathered outside their older model Chevrolet Suburban when officers arrived. The confrontation started when one of the officers said they would split up the family to talk with them about what happened inside the store, Fanning said.

But the father, 55-year-old Peter Gaver, and one of his sons stepped in and told police they wouldn’t allow them to separate the family, Fanning said.

According to reports, Matthew 24 Now were living out of their Chevrolet Suburban when the incident began. The band name is “a reference to a Bible verse dealing with the end of times. The band’s Facebook page is rife with Biblical references.”

More to come.

  1. Not everyone who names the name of the Lord is a Christian (Matthew 7:21). You will know who is a Christian by the way he/she lives, not by what band they are a member of, what logo’s they put on their cars, or what they say with their mouth (Matthew 7:16). There is no respect for authority in any of these folks or for the Wal-mart employees who they brutalized. They then, have nothing to do with Christianity.

    1. Strictly speaking “respect for authority” and “Christianity” actually have nothing to do with each other. The reason these people are obviously not Christian is rather because they have hearts filled with hate, and because they are selfish, and intolerant. It’s their BIGOTRY that makes them “non-Christian,” not their decision to disobey the police.

  2. Idaho Christian family aren’t too pleased to obey the law or law enforcement. Idiot son takes a cops weapon and signs his end days form right then and there.

  3. I may not always support the police but in this particular instance I fully do. Putting aside religious beliefs, if, in fact, the story holds true and a large homeless family is responsible for the assault of a Wal-Mart employee that led to this violent fracas and further fueled by resisting individual questioning, an all-out-brawl and making tasers somewhat inconsequential, then yes, I feel the cops were justified in the level of force that was used. If anything, I applaud their efforts preventing an even more tragic outcome with more fatalities involved on the part of the family.

    1. Probably when Christians endorsed slavery and the inferiority of non white races, or when they told everyone Jesus was white, or probably even before then.

  4. Can’t wait until these old so-called “Christians” die out. Go live in the woods if you want to live like an animal. The future is religion free and we can’t get there fast enough.

  5. nobody is reporting that they were Mormon…Not Evangelical Christians. Mormonism is a cult. They do not have the same beliefs as stated in the Bible!!!

    1. Interesting.. Yes I agree Mormonism IS a cult. Remember what was written in the book of revelations… Do not add or remove one jot or tiddle . They added a whole book, and twisted the word of GOD.

    2. They have a different Bible, “The Book of Mormon”, a newer new testament, that is just name-calling, all religions are cults if they are controlling enough.

    3. they were NOT Mormons. If anything they were Messianic Jews. But they were all Jewish. And Christians. Like Jesus and the apostles were.

  6. How did this go on for 8 minutes and the negro in South Carolina was shot 8 times for running away after eight seconds? If anyone should have been shot it was these idiots….

    1. Wrong is wrong. People should not be running from the cops, or attacking them. Some feel that they have been wronged by the system. I do understand that some can feel violated. I did when I was searched for drugs outside St. Louis when I did nothing wrong. Then I did some research and found out that the cops got sued for racial profiling, and I guess I got the honor of being the token white in that situation just to balance the numbers.

    2. If these kids were black, they would all be dead. The cops showed unbelievable restraint in this situation.

  7. Don’t believe everything until you know the whole story. They were wrong for attacking the cops. The question that needs to be answered is what was done on both sides to escalate the situation? Police need to look at this and see what can be learned to ensure officer safety. Being a rambo cop can make an unstable situation worse. I have friends and family that are in law enforcement and those that have been working in law enforcement for any length of time tell me that their best weapon is psychology. I feel that many officers would benefit from additional training on how to de-escalate a situation while still maintaining control. I know that this is not always possible, but there is always room for growth and a little extra training never hurts. We are seeing the rise of an anti cop attitude, and this really needs to change. This may be partially due to the fact that many people only have negative interactions with police. ie. getting a traffic ticket, etc. If many people actually knew what many of these officers have to put up with on a daily basis they would understand why many officer are stressed, and why some carry the attitudes that they have. As a citizen the best way to make your interaction with law enforcement a positive one is to show respect, no matter how you feel inside. There is a time and place for an argument… it’s called a courtroom. The police are there to ensure that order is maintained, and to keep us all safe.

    As far as someone’s faith is concerned, we all sin and in the eyes of GOD sin is sin and sin is all bad. It is only by the blood of christ that we are forgiven. Don’t judge people, pray for them. Yes these people may be wolves in sheeps clothing. The devil works in strange ways. But GOD can take a bad situation and turn it around and bring the outcome to be good. This is the true Glory of GOD. Pray for wisdom daily, and follow the leading of the holy Spirit. Jesus surrounded himself not with the self righteous, but with some of the lowest of the low, who were turning their lives around. I pray for everyone involved and that they will find some wisdom and learn something from this tragic situation. Remember… Love the sinner, and hate the sin. I pray for those misled souls that found themselves in this situation, and I pray for the officers and their families. And for those of you that are non-believers, I pray that you find the Lord. Please respect the fact that there are many of us who have a strong faith in Jesus Christ. Many of us strive to do the right thing every day, and to grow in our faith. There are some that fall. And GOD help them when they do. We should all remember to remove the speck from our own eye before we even think of removing the plank from our brother’s eye. It is easy to judge someones sin, but much harder to live a sinless life. We ALL have our vices.

    1. I whole…..one moment while I remove the plank in my own I so I can type…-heartedly agree! My only point was, that, the media is so quick to mention that they were Christians. I found it misleading. We get enough guff from media promoting that Christians are abortion doctor killers and Gay funeral protesters. May God help us all!

    2. They are proselytizing Christians in town to other people how to act. That is a pretty important part of the story. If this was a street gang in LA more of them would have been killed.

  8. (To Erik K and everyone else) I whole…..one moment while I remove the plank in my own I so I can type…-heartedly agree! My only point was, that, the media is so quick to mention that they were Christians. I found it misleading. We get enough guff from media promoting that Christians are abortion doctor killers and Gay funeral protesters. May God help us all!

    1. They were there specifically to proselytize! If they were all there as visiting geologists to study the rocks of Arizona I guarentee that would be in headline

  9. Funny that we are starting to hear that these were not “real” Christians from the same people who swear that every single violent Muslim act is committed by “real” Muslims.

  10. Stop referring to these Maggots as Christians. They are no less Terrorists than Al Qaeda, Taliban, or ISIS.

  11. Don’t make this group of crazies into victims, they assaulted a Walmart employee and were being detained for questioning then attacked the cops. “Matthew 24” is about the End Times and the oppressors, these jerk-holes are way off the deep end, they have to obey the law too, just religious nut terrorists.

  12. I am really surprised at the way the media is describing this tragedy and even more suprised at the hatred spewed on this site. I don’t know the whole story here, but this sure looks like police brutality to me. I am a lawyer and have worked for two major police departments. My father was also a NYC police officer, then firefighter. I grew up being lectured on police procedure and my father pointing out when it was not followed in stories on the news. The so-called brawl began only because the police who rushed onto the scene, where another officer appear to be calmly questioning the family, rushed up on the family and tried to separate minor children from their parents for questioning — which they have no right to do. The 14 year old boy — clearly in a child’s voice — said, “No you’re not going to separate me from my parents…. The cop grabbed the boy and the boy said, “Don’t touch me.” The father said, “Don’t touch my son.” From what I can tell, the father seems to be trying to hold onto his son whom the officer was grabbing. It seems that an officer grabs or hits the father and son says something like, “Get off my father and does hit or or push the officer, apparently to protect his father. Then it seems to become a mess. The police were apparently assaulting children because the father was yelling, you are hitting children, sir! The mother was crying and saying you’re killing my family!” It’s hard to tell what happens in the huddle of people on the right, but there is a struggle and someone is left dead and the mother is left crying. Reports reveal that one of the officers shot the 21-year-old son in the head and the 28-year-old son in the abdomen, but he survived. This 21 year old young man was killed in front of his entire family, including his parents, 11 year old sister, and 3 other brothers in their twenties, including one that the officers shot in the abdomen. Oh, yes, and either the same officer shot another officer in his leg, trying to shoot a family member, or the officer shot himself in the leg. Although some articles infer that the 21 year old who was killed shot the officer, or was at least reaching for the officer’s gun, other reports make it clear that the kid never had the officer’s gun. This was all because a Walmart employee claim that one of the family members shoved her on her on our way to the restroom? I can’t even imagine that a shove, even if it occurred, would cause all this concern. The police approached them with another Walmart employee, who was involved in the brawl as well. Why was that Walmart employee allowed that close to the family in the first place? Why was he not arrested for assaulting the family members? All the remaining family members were arrested for assaulting officers and resisting arrest, but I did not see the mother assault anyone. She was bending over her dead son’s body begging the officers to leave them alone. They even arrested the 14 and 11 year old kids, putting them in juvie, instead of allowing them to be comforted by their parents, after just witnessing the police kill their 21 year old brother and severely wound another brother. Again, this is absolutely not an example of appropriate police conduct. Another article reveals that people often park their RVs in a section of the Walmart parking lot and “camp” there. Some nearby residents don’t like it. They use the Walmart restrooms. Maybe Walmart doesn’t like that, but Walmart must also benefit because these people must buy most of what they need from Walmart. Why would they travel farther for basics? This seems like an abuse of power against powerless people.

    1. DV, really? Mormon or moron. Both the same. You should join. Lol. Loser family, loser future. Why hang at wal-mart? That was obviously out of their price range. Lol. Nice family! Lol

  13. “In less than 10 seconds, three members of the Gaver family begin to shove
    and punch police officers,…” This is incorrect. At 0:35 if you look
    closely you will see a police officer suddenly grabs and slams one of
    the young family members to the ground. He is in the middle of the group
    and it is a little hard to spot because of the video angle. It’s hard
    not to look in front of this area I am talking about, where the younger
    Gaver brother/son stands rigidly in front of the policeman who had just
    arrived and seemingly was about to put his hands on the youngest sister
    to separate the family. As soon as the officer grabbed the brother and
    threw him to the ground the melee broke out. The Gavers, who are strict
    practicing Christian Pacifists never stood a chance. They were beaten up
    by the police, the security guard, and I believe there was another man
    in a cowboy hat.

    I know Peter personally and I had some disagreements with him and no longer communicated with him but I had a lengthy disagreement with his beliefs. He believed that he was commanded
    by God via the bible to never physically defend himself under ANY
    circumstances. And I’m sure this is what he taught his children. These
    were unarmed, non violent people. And the police went in there with a
    purpose. For some reason the walmart worker’s word is questioned by no
    one. It was her report that one single person “shoved” her. But the
    police showed up and accosted the whole family. How does one even make
    sense of that?

    Many people are commenting on these with verbal
    attacks on the family. I’ve noticed that everyone that does this is
    either a right wing extremist, a cop apologist, a cop using a
    pseudo-name or people that hate Christians. The Gaver family were quite
    different. And I didn’t agree with the fact that the father allowed his
    family to be practically homeless. Or his story that satanists were
    after him. But I do believe his family was harmless. And I believe what
    the police did that night was assault and murder. And that infront of
    two of Gaver’s minor children who will likely be scarred forever. What a
    way to treat a family who is already paranoid of the police. Great
    going guys! And then the police lock the two minor children up in juvie
    instead of letting them be comforted by their parents.

    What I believe is that this walmart worker was fed up with the Gavers coming in
    and cleaning up in the restroom. I believe there was an ongoing
    friction there. I believe she complained about it to whoever would
    listen to her. Namely the security there, who also may have been fed up
    with the Gavers. Someone who lives in the area said the security knows
    several police officers personally and that he attempted to get a job
    with them but failed a background check. And so I think this whole thing
    was set up before hand but the police and everyone else didn’t expect
    it to take the turn it did. I believe there are a lot of lies and
    half-truths being told by several people involved in this whole thing.
    And if I was a journalist in the area I would have asked to right
    questions and brought a fair account of what happened there that night.

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