Video ‘Highlights’: Tanlines’ new band website is a brilliant portal to Netflix

Not too long ago New York pop duo Tanlines blew our minds with some shocking realizations about the respective ages of Robin and Alan Thicke. We still think about it daily. Today they are doing some mind-blowing once again, unveiling a new band website that not only hypes their new album Highlights (out May 19) but also serves as a portal to Netflix.

“We wanted to make a website about our band that you could also watch every season of Frasier on,” Tanlines just tweeted. “So we did.”

The Netflix theme blends movie and TV show recommendations with the band’s tour itinerary, video links, and other news, all cleverly disguised as streamable titles. And that includes a July 25 show at the Sinclair in Cambridge, which is paired with 2002 Jason Lee comedy Stealing Harvard.

Other categories include “Light Dramas,” “American Actors Doing British Accents,” and “Buddy Road Trip Movies.”

Here’s a look at the action. The band website game just got raised.


Tanlines Netflix2


And here’s Tanlines’ latest video, for “Slipping Away”…