Vanyaland Premiere: Eternals slow it down to speed up in ‘There Might Be Fire’


There’s a bit of humor in a band called Eternals recording their new song under a time constraint.

But that’s what happened with the Somerville rock quartet’s new single “There Might Be Fire”, which was recorded in less than 10 hours as part of Converse’s Rubber Tracks pop­-up sessions at Q Division in Somerville.

Dealing with any sort of restriction of time will serve them well this month, as Eternals prepare for sonic battle in the upcoming Rock And Roll Rumble, their preliminary round appearance arriving a week from tonight, April 13 at T.T. The Bear’s Place. Also throwing down in the Rumble’s preliminary round Night 2 are Drab, Raw Blow, and Duck & Cover.

It puts Eternals in an interesting spot. “There Might Be Fire” slowly unravels itself under songwriter and guitarist/vocalist Stephen Konrads’ storytelling lyrics, and the music is the kind you cozy up to on a leisurely evening devoid of score sheets and musical competition. At the very least, it’ll provide a nice contrast to the fast-forward guitar sounds of Eternals’ initial round of competition at the Rumble.

Listen to “There Might Be Fire” below, note the Johnny Walker Black Label reference, and prepare to hurry up and wait as Eternals’ post-rock sound blossoms over the course of five-minute intervals. This is chapter one.