Boston’s Tigerman WOAH escape injury as trailer stage collapses at Virginia street festival


Boston’s Tigerman WOAH dodged injury this afternoon when a stage they were about to perform on collapsed seconds before their set began. The incident went down at the Shamrock The Block street festival in Richmond, Virginia, as the band were line checking before their scheduled 4 p.m. performance.

“The self-collapsing stage started collapsing,” an eye-witness tells Vanyaland. “It was like a trash compactor. There was some sort of malfunction. The self-collapsing stage started breaking itself down.”

Tigerman WOAH jumped off the stage as soon as it started to fold up, and quickly brought their show to a nearby tent and performed acoustically. Fellow Boston bands These Wild Plains and Dirty Bangs, who are a current tour to South By Southwest with Tigerman WOAH, played earlier in the day without incident.

“[It] just kept raining, so they brought their shit under the XL102 tent and played,” our source adds. “People gathered ’round and …they made some new fans in RVA. Sold a lot of merch after that.”

Watch NBC 12 in Richmond broadcast a quick report on the situation, with additional images of the incident and a clip of the Tigerman tent performance after the video:

NBC12 – WWBT – Richmond, VA News On Your Side