o_O: Petite Meller’s joyous ‘Baby Love’ is the song of the summer in the middle of winter


We’re ass-deep in the middle of winter here in New England, but we’re feeling all sorts of summertime vibes from the latest single from rising Parisian pop singer Petite Meller. Dolled up with African school children, hungry giraffes, and inspiration from Brigitte Bardot’s 1956 film And God Created Woman, the “Baby Love” video has replaced our cranky space heater as our main source of warmth today.

Just watch it. And watch it again. And throw your arms up shouting “Baby love!” as the pains of the day just drift away.

“Baby Love is my Freudianic term for ‘Jouissance’ (Enjoyment) — a transcendental dance of love, an a cappella to convey pleasure out of pain,” says the young singer, via Alt Sounds.


Petite Meller has been getting tagged as “nuvo jazzy pop,” and we guess that’s appropriate because we have no idea how to classify this sound. But we know this: “Baby Love” sounds huge, and that’s the best bit of saxophone since M83’s “Midnight City”

The whole video is visually stunning, reminding us that joyous warmth is either just a few short months away or a closed-eye gaze into the exciting world of Ms. Petite Meller.