Pedestrian struck and killed by Dropkick Murphys tour bus last night in suspected suicide


The Dropkick Murphys were involved in a tragic accident last night in Texas after a man allegedly jumped in front of their tour bus. The victim was struck and killed, and police have suspected it was a suicide.

As a result, the Dropkicks have cancelled their show tonight at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

According to a post on the Dropkick Murphys Facebook page, the band was headed to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport after a show in San Antonio Saturday night when a pedestrian ran into the road and was hit by their bus. The band was en route to the airport between gigs so vocalist Al Barr could fly home to Boston to attend the funeral of a close friend.

“We were left with a driver that has been severely shaken up by the accident and a bus too damaged to continue onto Tulsa,” the band writes. “Throughout the early morning hours we tried every possible way to get our band and gear to Tulsa but we’ve simply run out of time.”

The group was north of Austin at the time of the accident. Vanyaland has learned that the victim was walking along the center of the highway, then jumped out in front of the tour bus as it swerved to avoid him. Police told the band that that strip of road is a notorious suicide spot.

Here’s the full message the Dropkicks just posted a few moments ago:

Hello Tulsa fans. We have some tough news – we have to cancel tonight’s show at Cain’s Ballroom.

After last nights San Antonio show we were en route to the Dallas airport to drop off Al and then continue on to Tulsa (as we mentioned yesterday Al is flying home for the funeral of a life long friend).

Sadly however, just north of Austin we were involved in a tragic and fatal accident when a pedestrian suddenly ran onto the road in front of our tour bus. Police suspect a suicide.

We were left with a driver that has been severely shaken up by the accident and a bus too damaged to continue onto Tulsa.

Throughout the early morning hours we tried every possible way to get our band and gear to Tulsa but we’ve simply run out of time.

As much as it pains us to miss a show and we truly apologize for it, we’d like to stop and acknowledge that a man has lost his life. Please keep him and any family he might have in your prayers.

All tickets purchased via phone or Internet will be automatically refunded. Those who bought tickets in-person can return to the Cain box office during business hours for a refund.

Tulsa: thanks for your support and understanding. We will see you soon!

The next date on the Dropkick Murphys’ current tour is November 19 in Mexico City, Mexico.

  1. My friend Ernie is one of your bus drivers. I had planned on seeing you at cains.The sad thing is do you think the suicide victim ever thought of what this would do to the bus driver! Heads up guys, see you on the flip side

    1. Get the facts before you make this statements. I know the man that the bus killed. He did not commit suicide. The bus driver is NOT DEAD. A young man, father, and son is.

      1. Thats why they said suspected suicide. They are still investigating. Also just because someone doesn’t talk about suicide doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking about it. I know from experience

      2. Well then he was a retard for walking in front of the bus…which would you rather it be? Either way somebody died and I doubt the bus driver intended to run him over.

      3. So, you’re saying three people died, but one of them was not the bus driver? Sounds like the tip of the ice burg..

        1. There’s no way you’re all that unintelligent…. He’s saying he was a young man who had a child and was obviously brought into this world by another man, hence him being a young man, father and son….. make sense now? Nobody is claiming three people are dead!!!!

      4. Well you can not blame the bus driver. Why would any “sane” person be walking down the middle of the road and then jump in front of a bus if he was not trying to kill himself???

  2. Sorry to hear this. Also forward my condolences to Al from Big Jim of Kittery. Life on the road can be very strange at times. Peace be with you and with your driver. Rock on!

  3. sorry to hear this man jumped in front of bus.also al barr sorry of the loss of your friend! stay safe guys and I thought what you wrote was extremely kind of you all!!!

  4. If there was a band that could handle such a horrible incident with understanding and class it’s you guys. Luck to your poor driver as that’s a hell of an event to cope with.

  5. My son did not commit suicide. He was trying to get to safety. He leaves behind a 19 month old son. We are all victims here. Prayers

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