In Bloom: Preview three new tracks from Boston electronic pop duo Orchids


Long before we heard any music, we were excited over the potential of Orchids, a new electronic pop project featuring award-winning DJ and producer Leah V and multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Nikki Dessingue, currently of Doom Lover and former one-half of blip-poppers Stereo Telescope.

Now with a debut show announced for September 28 at Great Scott — a night that also stars electro upstarts Radclyffe Hall and is presented by Vanyaland — it’s time to start hearing Orchids’ blooming sound. Over the weekend they dropped an 86-second teaser video clip soundtracked by three instrumental snippets, and you can hear that down below.

“[Orchids] came together during a tumultuous time for both of us, professionally and emotionally,” Dessingue tells Vanyaland. “On the heels of some pretty devastating losses and huge changes, I began to retreat into my alias, Lara Woolf (an alter ego that I created when I got into it with Case & Point, and that emerged as a response to a desperate need to do a full on overhaul of my life and work), trying my hand at a totally new genre and cocooning until I figured out where to go next. Leah V was feeling like she was in a rut herself, while suffering some personal trials that were practically a mirror image.”


After being friends for a years, Dessingue reached out on a whim, and the seeds of Orchids were planted. “We both needed something totally new where we could feel free, take control, take shelter from the total shitstorm we’d been weathering, and create an expression of everything we’d experienced over the last few years,” she adds. “Driven by totally different, but complementary influences, and a similar outlook on the world, we started writing furiously.”

Tracks like “Rabbithole,” “Yellow #5,” and the lush “Coming Down,” included in the video teaser, were a part of that initial writing period.

“The outpouring of material was immediate and intense, as it can be when you mix excitement with heartache, and we spent the past 12 months streamlining and completing as much as possible,” says Dessingue.

There’s new musical ground to cover for both: Orchids is Leah V’s first live band, which Dessingue is taking on roles as composer and producer for the first time. “Our musical partnership is a safe haven where we can recoup and grow,” says Dessingue, “as much as it is a driving force that pushes us to find new musical directions than we’ve taken before.”

Orchids In Bloom