Because Obviously: Skylar Grey reworks ‘Coming Home’ to welcome LeBron James back to Cleveland

Most likely ever since you saw LeBron James’ “I’m Coming Home” announcement yesterday on Sports Illustrated, you’ve had that commercial-ready Skylar Grey song stuck in your head for the first time since those Resurrection ads ran a few months ago on ABC.

So now in the most predictable maneuver since Pink Floyd announced a re-release of Division Bell, Grey has re-worked “Coming Home” to make it LeBron-relevant.

“I know that Cleveland awaits / And they’ve forgiven my mistakes / I’m coming home,” Grey says in the new version, which is on YouTube. It’s just a :42 second snippet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if a full version arrived by the time LeBron makes it to Cleveland. Even without the lyrical change, we bet iTunes sales of the track have skyrocketed in Northeast Ohio.

At the end of the re-boot, Grey then offers up a heartfelt “Welcome home, LeBron.”

Grey is from Wi$con$in.

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