Hydro Theory: Linkin Park allegedly snitched on Sublime With Rome for smoking weed at music fest


Rome Ramirez tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end, it didn’t even matter — because Linkin Park doesn’t want you smoking that marijuana.

The enduring nu-metal band played May 24’s KFMA Day at Kino Stadium in Tucson, Arizona, and shared the stage with Sublime With Rome, the re-booted ’90s band that has Ramirez taking on vocal duties from the late Bradley Nowell. The sharing ended there, however, as Ramirez tweeted out the other day that Linkin Park called the police, claiming to be “allergic to pot,” and NARC’d the eff out.

No arrests were made, but apparently Sublime’s weed was taken by the authorities.


Here are Ramirez’s tweets after the incident…


“Linkin Nark,” as Rome now calls them, hasn’t responded to the accusations. But they do have a new record coming out next month…