Clipped!: 10 Vines that will make you wish you were at Boston Calling right now

Carl Lavin

Last spring, our city embraced the first-ever Boston Calling Music Festival despite cold temperatures and frequent rainstorms. This weekend, it seems we were rewarded for our allegiance. A beautiful spring day set the backdrop for Day 2 of Boston Calling, and the sunny afternoon was soundtracked by a ferocious Frank Turner, a sultry Warpaint and the Neighbourhood, and a jubilant Jenny Lewis.

UPDATE: Aaaaand as soon as we hit “publish,” the rains start. Oye vey.

Hell, the jamboree is still going down in the concrete jungle of City Hall Plaza — the Decemberists are stretching out — but we wanted to crash the Media Tent one last time and give a glimpse of what today was like. Death Cab For Cutie are up next to close it out, and if they play “Photobooth,” we might jet back down to the friendly masses.


So in speed-round style, here are 10 Vines that will make you wish you were at Boston Calling right now. Buck up, there’s always tomorrow, with Bastille, Brand New, Tegan & Sara, Tigerman Woah, the Box Tiger, Modest Mouse, and more.

But first, today in 10 seven-second snippets.

Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls owning the joint. “Boston’s our fucking home in this country,” I’ll tell you that,” said Turner a few songs into their set.


All the people, so many people…

Jenny Lewis and her “moneymaker.”


Walk Off The Earth partying like it’s 2011 with that song we used to know from 2011…

People clapping like motherfuckers to Frank Turner!


Boston’s Magic Man got this party started right.

Nevermind the people under the stairs, these are the people *on* the stairs!


More from Walk Off The Earth

Spin the wheel in the name of wine.


And a scene from last night, sup Jack Johnson!