Barking Mad: Die Antwoord just released a summer movie blockbuster of a music video


A few days ago when everyone was perplexed by St. Vincent’s much-discussed appearance on Saturday Night Live, someone on one of our social media pages asked a simple question: What would the reaction be if Die Antwoord had performed instead?

Well, we can only imagine the shitstorm after the South African zef crew today released gruesome new music video “Pitbull Terrier,” which is pretty much the summer mover blockbuster of music videos. In the four-minute clip (which feels like double that when you’re watching it), Ninja terrorizes the town in a creepy-ass canine mask, looking like McGruff the Crime Dog on speed, until he’s confronted by an even-creepier Yolandi Visser. It’s … well, better watched than described.

The track is off their upcoming record, Donker Mag, out June 3, the follow-up to 2009’s Ten$ion. Pre-order it here.

And in a rather timely fashion, Die Antwoord comes to Boston’s House of Blues on June 7.

If Die Antwoord’s name translates from Afrikaans into “The Answer,” surely the question can only be “What the fuck?!?!”

Make sure you full-screen this puppy…