Vanyaland Premiere: Jen Kearney releases new ‘Age of Blame’ live-clip music video


Last we caught up with Boston veteran singer-songwriter Jen Kearney, she was collaborating with D-Tension for the Lowell musician/producer’s Secret Project. The result was the rootsy “Kiss,” one of the more endearing and down-home tracks on a record that also featured Aaron Perrino of the Sheila Divine, Liz Enthusiasm of Freezepop, and the Luxury’s Jason Dunn.

Now, Kearney is ready for her own close-up, preparing to release her new full-length record with the Lost Onion next week at Church, and giving us a taste of the live show in just-posted video for “Age of Blame.”

Regardless of who’s pointing fingers, the song is all about getting out of a bad situation. “It’s really about being over a relationship that is in a stale mate,” Kearney tells Vanyaland.


The lyrically-driven performer is no stranger to collaborations, the D-Tension kind or otherwise. In the clip above, Kearney mans the Rhodes while joined by Aaron Bellamy on bass, Amy Bellamy on organ, and drummer Peter MacLean. The clip was shot by Paul Ortolano, Steve Clements, and Steve Delrose, with editing by Ortolano.

Kearney’s record-release party goes down next Friday, May 23 at Church, and she warns she might have another video out before the dates arrives. In the meantime, advance tickets are available here.