Bearing Good News: May 8 declared ‘Keytar Bear and Abigail Taylor Day’ in Cambridge


The final fund raising numbers are still coming in, but it’s safe to say last night’s Keytar Bear benefit party at the Middle East was a success. After presenting the beleaguered street performer — who was attacked last month in Faneuil Hall — with a brand new keytar and oversized check, Keytar Bear played to his biggest crowd ever. His 20 minute set featured a medley of tunes, from Frankie Valli’s “December 1963” to “Clarity” by Zedd, and the Bear walked off stage to chants of “Key! Tar! Bear,” “Key! Tar! Bear.”

Boston synthpop veterans Freezepop closed out the night with a headlining set, and many in the crowd were wearing “I <3 Keytar Bear" shirts and pins, with the money, as well as the night's proceeds and remaining funds from the Indiegogo campaign, going into a Keytar Bear trust established by Taylor.

Keytar Bear did not take off his mask during the evening and remained anonymous. At one point it looked like he was going to address the adoring crowd, but instead put his paw up to his face a blew kisses. He instructed the party’s organizer, Abigail Taylor, to tell the crowd to “kiss the person” next to them.

The Bear thanked the crowd through the We Love Keytar Bear social media page after the show. “Aww man sorry about any mistakes I was playing with tears in my eyes the whole time. I wish there was a word better than love to describe how I feel about you Boston and if you couldn’t kiss the person next to you tonite save your kisses for Keytarbear# I b rockin with you in 2 wks bb”

Cambridge City Councillor Leland Chung was on hand to declare May 8 Keytar Bear and Abigail Taylor Day. Read the proclamation below…

Keytar Bear Day