Here’s the only SXSW video you need to watch — Slaves, live @ British Music Embassy

Slaves pretty much won “Best New Band At SXSW” on the first day of the festival’s music slate.

On Wednesday, March 12, the young UK garage punk duo played the second of two sets at the British Music Embassy showcase at Latitude, and pretty much left everyone spinning dizzy by the time they were finished.

In the video above, filmed by Carl Lavin, vocalist/drummer Isaac Holman and guitarist/vocalist Laurie Vincent tear the fuck out of their closing number, “Beauty Quest,” and hypnotize and scrutinize us as they roll on. It’s a lesson in concentrated, mechanical noise-pop that’s so precise, so calculated, so ready to fly off the fucking rails at any point, but never manages to let go.

Expect a US tour soon, we’re told.

And with a recently signed record deal with Virgin EMI, expect nothing short of global domination. This is a menace.

If you’re in the UK, catch Slaves touring with Blood Red Shoes. Expect an upstaging.

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