Year in ReView: Jay Breitling’s top 10 albums of 2013, ripped from the pages of Clicky Clicky

[Editor’s Note: Before we launched this site in May, one of the first things we did was beg very politely ask for Jay Breitling to be among the founding contributors. Not just because he’s a stand-up dude, but because of his excellent work at his Clicky Clicky Music Blog. Below is a re-cap of his Top Albums Of 2013 and we strongly recommend hitting up CC for the full capsule breakdown.

More so than in any of the 13 years in which we’ve devoted too much time to writing about music, it feels silly to pick the best of it for 2013. So much of what we heard this year was wonderful, and the year certainly exceeded our expectations. This despite our fervently held belief that there is *always*, every year, an abundance of excellent music waiting to be discovered; the trick is finding it. Which is kind of why this blog is here. And while we struggled with tough decisions that excluded deserving acts including Fat History Month, Heyward Howkins, It Hugs Back and Bent Shapes from the final top 10, well, dammit, rules are rules.

1. Speedy OrtizMajor Arcana — Carpark Records

2. KrillLucky Leaves — Self-Released

3. Veronica FallsWaiting For Something To Happen — Slumberland

4. My Bloody Valentinembv — Self-Released

5. Los Campesinos!No Blues — Wichita/Turnstyle

6. Radiator HospitalSomething Wild — Salinas

7. CaloriesIII — Self-Released

8. Ovlovam — Exploding In Sound

9. Guillermo SexoDark Spring — Midriff Records

10. Joey SweeneyLong Hair — La La Société Expéditionnaire