Year in ReView: Georgette Bibber presents ‘Gege & Friends’ Tunes Of The Year’

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap] spent all of 2013 on the internet — is that why my memory is so bad? Fortunately, my cyber (mostly Soundcloud & Twitter) meanderings have led to real life connections with creative people far & near. Whether producing, DJing, curating a kickass party, or all three, the opinions for Song of the Year from the following individuals are worth consideration. What was Ryan Hemsworth listening to between tour stops? Or the Chain Gang of 1974 on his way back from a day’s surf? How about local artists? Well, find out & don’t fret, I’ve saved the best pick — mine — for last.

Ryan Hemsworth: “Ribs,” Lorde

[global_player artist=”Lorde” title=”Ribs” stream=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/110855126/stream” cover=”http://i1.sndcdn.com/artworks-000057972064-hhsuzm-large.jpg?d53bf9f” backlink=”https://soundcloud.com/mikayla-weatherford/lorde-ribs” id=”62269″ fb=”” tw=””]

“2013 has been one overly-populated by forced masculinity and aggression due to the EDM epidemic. Artists like FKA Twigs, AlunaGeorge, Jessy Lanza and especially Lorde have helped me this year to never forget the melodic, endearing, sweet, and honest charm that music can still possess. ‘Ribs’ shows all those qualities, I think.”

GG Lorde

Kamtin Mohager: “Exit Wounds,” Placebo

“‘Exit Wounds’ by Placebo is a track that took me by surprise this year. Honestly, I lost touch with the band the past few years. It wasn’t until I was offered tickets to their most recent show in Los Angeles that my love for them came back, possibly stronger than ever. Everything was connecting with me, but this track struck something deep and emotional in my soul. I bought the record the next day and listened to that song on repeat. Musically, it’s everything I want my band to be. Lyrically, it hit home and I was able to relate to it 100%. The most beautiful songs are the darkest of songs. This is everything I want a song to be.”


Ashley Smith: “Bankhead (Prod. by Kingdom),” Kelela

“I’ve listened to this song practically every day since its release. The first moment I heard the intro I was into it because it had this sort of down tempo electronic feel that I love. I didn’t see her voice coming at all. As soon as she sang that first note I flipped my shit. Her voice reminded me of all the r&b singers I had grown up with and loved. So that feeling, combined with the music I love today is basically the perfect fucking cocktail for me when it comes to making a song.”

GG Keleta

Guarionex Rodriquez Jr.: “Grind,” Les Sins

[global_player artist=”Les Sins” title=”Grind” stream=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/82263352/stream” cover=”http://i1.sndcdn.com/artworks-000042401533-ixs85t-large.jpg?d53bf9f” backlink=”https://soundcloud.com/toroymoi/les-sins-grind” id=”62269″ fb=”” tw=””]

“It’s hard to choose my favorite song for 2013, but if I was to think of one off the top of my head, it would be Les Sins’ “Grind.” This track is so smooth that it always builds up my step to step dance moves. If any DJ played this track, they are guaranteed to see me dance for the rest of the night. ‘Grind’ would definitely make me dance with a random girl, whether I’m hollering or not.”

GG Les Sins

Doctor Jeep: “AYO! (Featuring Redders),” Sam Binga

[global_player artist=”Sam Binga” title=”AYO ft. Redders” stream=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/110205781/stream” cover=”http://i1.sndcdn.com/artworks-000057671356-v09v74-large.jpg?d53bf9f” backlink=”https://soundcloud.com/critical-music/sam-binga-ayo-ft-redders” id=”62269″ fb=”” tw=””]

“I’m not really sure where I first heard this, but the moment I did was one where I realized I wanted to play more stuff at 170 BPM in my sets. Every time anyone plays this out, people lose it — I think it’s the combination of Redders’ British Flow and the more US-leaning instrumental. Really cool track that’s engaging the whole way through.”

GG Binga

Nick Garcia: “Sun Harmonics,” Jon Hopkins

[global_player artist=”Jon Hopkins” title=”Sun Harmonics” stream=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/100291013/stream” cover=”http://i1.sndcdn.com/artworks-000052509008-1xqa8f-large.jpg?d53bf9f” backlink=”https://soundcloud.com/unitedverse/jon-hopkins-sun-harmonics” id=”62269″ fb=”” tw=””]

“This song makes me feel so whole. The sounds are arranged to create such moving textures; I just love it.”

GG Hopkins

Durkin: “Do You… (Cashmere Cat Remix),” Miguel

[global_player artist=”Miguel” title=”Do You… (Cashmere Cat Remix)” stream=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/89350110/stream” cover=”http://i1.sndcdn.com/artworks-000046346289-cppuve-large.jpg?d53bf9f” backlink=”https://soundcloud.com/cashmerecat/do-you-cashmere-cat-remix” id=”62269″ fb=”” tw=””]

“Staple in my DJ sets, in my car, & in my headphones since it came out. Possibly the music I’ve been waiting for my entire life?”

GG Miguel

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