#617: Alex Citrone of Razormaze on Boston vs. Austin, the state of metal, and his favorite songs of 2013


It’s been about four years now since Razormaze’s debut record The True Speed Of Steel put the trash back in Thrashachusetts. Since then, the restless metal band has released three records, including this year’s well-received Annihilatia, despite frontman Alex Citrone having relocated to Austin, Texas. With Citrone back in town for a the holidaze and a Saturday night Slaughter On The Solstice gig at Great Scott, we caught up with the dude for a variety of topics. Props to him for indulging my random questions, and extra props for allowing Haim to clog up two of his seven picks for his favorite tracks of the year.

Here’s our #617 with Citrone to get you all fired up; hit “play” on Annihilatia’s riff-rousing opening track “Something Like A War” and let’s get down to business. Only real shit from here on out.



1. Congrats on new record Annihilatia, though it seems like you’re signing less on it than on Miseries. How’d the band talk you into this?

Thanks! But yer outta yer mind if you think anyone could tell me to sing less!

2. What’s Razormaze have planned for 2014?


We have new songs to record and show the world and lots of stuff to do. BE READY!

3. When are you moving back to Boston?

When rent decreases, it stops snowing, and there’s shit to do.

4. What are some differences between the Boston metal scene and the Austin metal scene? Good or bad.


Austin’s metal scene is much younger than Boston’s and on the upward swing of the cycle. Lots of new bands and new people are making their way into it. It seems like things in Boston have wound down lately.

5. It seemed like in 2013 everyone was caught up in this big discussion over whether or not metal is currently “healthy.” Do you prefer there being a million bands doing their shit under the radar, or do you want to see a return of a Big 4 type of hierarchy?

There have been a few articles written recently about the retroactive, past-loving nature of metal and I wholeheartedly agree. Heavy metal as a whole is resistant to change and bands that are trying “new,” “non-traditional” stuff are demonized as trendy by die-hard heshers. I think that in time, big bands will come to the forefront that will represent the genre (nicely) but not in the same way the Big 4 ever did. Metal is already victim to commodity and it sucks. So I’m fine with bands living under the radar.

6. You’re playing Great Scott on Saturday — just in time for Christmas! — with Acaro, Rozamov, and Abstruktor. Say one nice thing about each band.


Yes, we are. Just in time for the solstice more specifically! Acaro: Talented assholes that are too handsome for their own good. Rozamov: Even though their name is way too fucking similar to ours they rip some sweet stonery metals. Abstruktor: Full of dinguses who write some kewl thrash metal


You live in Austin, as we love to point out. Give us one real Austin recommendation for the next time we’re down there. Not some SXSW hipster shit that everyone knows about, but a “This Is Austin” tip for like, a random Tuesday night in town.

You’re an idiot if you don’t eat Veracruz Tacos on the corner of Waller and 6th St. Rachel Ray loves these things.


Since this is Year-End season, drop us your seven favorite songs of 2013. Any genre.


Haim – “Don’t Save Me”

Haim – “Days Are Gone”

Revocation – “Invidious”

NAILS – “Wide Open Wound”


Carcass – “316L Grade Surgical Steel”

Mumakil – “Flies Will Starve”

Hessian (Belgium) – “Serpent’s Whisper”

RAZORMAZE + ACARO + ROZAMOV + ABSTRUKTOR :: Saturday, December 21 @ Great Scott, 1222 Commonwealth Ave., Allston :: 9pm 21-plus $8 :: Advance tickets :: Facebook invite

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