Fashion Forward: Here are some rock icons wearing band shirts of the acts they inspired

A while back we saw how deceased rock stars would look like in old age, and now we have a glimpse of music legends wearing the shirts of the bands and artists they influenced.

This is why God created the internet.

Brazilian artist and designer Butcher Billy posted his Reversed Music Icons Fandom project yesterday, and it features classic images of young rock stars wearing t-shirts of modern or later bands. Freddie Mercury is rocking the Lady Gaga, David Bowie gives a nod to Nirvana, and Joy Division’s Ian Curtis pays respect to Interpol.

There’s even John Lennon wearing an Arctic Monkeys shirt, which should send the UK into a fucking frenzy once it hits the front page of the Daily Mail.

Butcher Billy writes: “This is a series that reverses the natural course of pop culture hierarchy – the influencer will sport the shirt of the influenced – completely messing with space time continuum and raising the question: Bands and musicians that became hugely influential in music history – would they, when alive or in an early stage of their careers, support the new acts that came decades after inspired by their own legacy?”

Here are a few of our faves, but be sure to peep the full list linked above…

Reverse 6

Reverse 4

Reverse 5

Reverse 3

Reverse 2

Reverse 1

[h/t NME]