Hard Out Here For A Bleach: Miley Cyrus’ eyebrows are now invisible, but Lily Allen is still a fan


For Lily Allen, it’s hard out there for a bitch. For Miley Cyrus, life is easy as pie. The two pop singers got together recently, and all seemed normal, until we realized that MyCy’s eyebrows are now invisible. And no, the twerking girl isn’t a tweezing girl — she bleached the eff out of those things.

Allen posted the photo today to Instagram. And yes, Miley’s got her tongue out. She looks like Boston fashion consultant Brigid Nastasia.

The Daily Mirror quickly compiled some of Allen’s fan’s best reactions:


Amazing responses quickly rolled in. “That bloody tongue,” one wrote.

“Her tongue is too heavy like it seems to be?” said another.

“Miley looks different.” Hmm, can’t put your finger on it? It took us a while too.

“Why did she bleach her brows omg LOL.”

While another rather bemused fan asked: “Where are her eyebrows?”

Miley is apparently a fave of Lily’s.