New Hampshire’s Supermachine helps make up for Priyanka Chopra on Thursday Night Football


It’s now Week 10 in the NFL’s 2013 season, and the league is still trotting out Priyanka Chopra’s “In My City” for its Tuesday Night Football theme song. We think this is the worst intro song in televised sports history — nevermind that the tired Priyanka looks like a junior varsity Kim Kardashian in the clip — and after more than two months of it we can’t say it’s grown on us at all. We still roll our eyes every time.

However, the NFL Network has been playing other songs in its pre-game session, mostly more upbeat, rock and roll stuff, and tonight under the Metrodome in Minneapolis, a sound of New Hampshire suddenly got into the mix.

Portsmouth rock band Supermachine had about 20-seconds of glory as their track “Warlord” blared through the broadcast under some pre-game hype from host Rich Eisen. It wasn’t very clear, but it got a proper ID at the bottom of the screen — otherwise we might have missed it, honestly.


The track is the closing song off the quartet’s 2013 Small Stone Records debut (the Michigan label is also home to Boston bands like Gozu, Roadsaw, and Mellow Bravo), and you can check it out in full below.

We first came across Supermachine at this year’s Rock N Roll Rumble. Here’s what we wrote back then (check out the old blogger site!): “New Hampshire’s Supermachine earned high marks for a hard rock performance that stood out on Tuesday’s slate, issuing a no-nonsense bar rock approach that skillfully ignored any trend of the past 20 years. Singer David Nebbia was a commending presence, but it was equally hard to ignore guitarist Jay Fortin (and his cool hat) and bassist Paul Jarvis, who both played in Scissorfight, a Rumbler of ‘97. Bonus points to Supermachine for having a song called Pill Cruise. I take mine every week.”


Supermachine returns to the Boston area December 5, when they play the Middle East in Cambridge.