Blank on Blank animates the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia and his experience with the Acid Tests


A few weeks ago we posted a “lost” interview clip of Kurt Cobain discussing his upbringing, updated and animated by PBS Digital Studio’s blossoming Blank on Blank series. Now, executive producer David Gerlach and animator Patrick Smith are back with their latest interview, Jerry Garcia on the Acid Tests.”

The Garcia interview was conducted by record producer Joe Smith for his book Off The Record: An Oral History Of Popular Music, and dates back to May 22, 1988. The conversation snippet here traces the Grateful Dead’s origin as the Warlocks and recalls the band’s live participation in the famed Acid Test parties. You can listen to the full interview via the Library of Congress.

“When we fell in with the Acid Tests we a started having the most fun we had ever had,” Garcia says.


Throughout the nearly six-minute clip, you can hear the Grateful Dead’s “Franklin’s Tower,” “Cream Puff War,” “Golden Road,” and “Friend of the Devil.”

Blank on Blank has been offering new interviews every two weeks, and you can click here to subscribe to the series (we recommend it). Previous episodes include Janis Joplin, Beastie Boys, and Jim Morrison.