Listen to the bands playing Sunday’s Community Servings benefit @ T.T.’s, curated by Clicky Clicky


As you commemorate today by helping yourself to hearty servings of candy, Clicky Clicky Music Blog has turned its attention to serving others. Just in time for that Halloween fever to fade away, Clicky Clicky is hosting its third-annual benefit for Community Servings this Sunday at T.T. The Bear’s Place in Cambridge, and it features a candy-coated lineup of Earthquake Party, the Hush Now, Soccer Mom, K. Heasley of Lilys, and DJ sets from Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz. [Get ur advance tix here.]

Of course, Clicky Clicky was founded by Jay Breitling, one of the finest music writers in town who also happens to be a contributor to Vanyaland. So we’re gonna spit in your conflicting interests and get everyone together in the same ink pool. Why? Because it’s all for a good cause.

Every day, Community Servings prepares and delivers free nutritious meals to nearly 800 chronically ill clients across Massachusetts. According to servings.org: “[M]eals are prepared with delicious, fresh foods and are packed with the nutrition needed to fight illnesses such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis and lupus. To meet our clients’ needs, we cater to their dietary restrictions, providing for 25 special diets.”


And because we love Breitling’s writing, we’ll let him break down the bands…

Kurt Heasley: “Lilys have hopscotched from shoegaze to mod to baroque pop and through several additional strains of indie rock over its two-decade-plus career. Kurt is an autodidact/savant-type who conjures into being an evolving musical enigma, and for some reason he lives in the area now, which is amazing. His most recent release was a single on Speakertree.”


Soccer Mom: “The bullet point on Soccer Mom right now is they are finishing their first full-length and working to be the next band to break out of MA. They’ve got the songs and the sound, so hopefully opportunity is right around the corner”

The Hush Now: “The band is back after a two-year hiatus with a new record due in 2014. The band continues to fight for space in the crowded local music scene, and probably is one of the few local bands who, as The Beatings say, have a larger out-of-market fan base than in-market. To top it off, The Hush NOw has got hundreds of interesting stories, floods, robberies, car crashes, epiphanies, careers, back-stories, pedigree, LA, Boston. But above all chops. They will play a lot of new music at the show, and it will be exciting to see the band re-boot and back on stage again.”


Earthquake Party!: “The big story with EqP — besides their hyperspace fuzzpop goodness — is probably their work ethic and the support slots they are starting to get here in town supporting touring acts in bigger venues like the Sinclair. EqP is finishing an epic record that will have something like 30 songs on it in 35 minutes (those numbers are wrong, but the exact numbers are on my blog somewhere). It is said to be influenced heavily by Guided By Voices, and I think it will get them into the national spotlight, assuming America and England’s love affair with Massachusetts can persist for another six months or so.”

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