Benefit show for Rosie’s Place to fill the Cold Cave cancellation void at T.T.’s


T.T. The Bear’s Place’s cancellation of Friday’s Cold Cave + Boyd Rice show has caused quite a stir since we broke the news late last night. But regardless of your views on Rice, or whether or not the show should have been nixed, good will come out of the whole ordeal. The Cambridge rock club has decided to throw a benefit concert instead, in an effort to raise money for Rosie’s Place, a shelter for poor and homeless women.

Part of the outrage against Rice were misogynist comments the controversial noise artist has made in the past.

For tomorrow night’s gig, there is a pay-what-you-can cover, with all proceeds going to Rosie’s. Filling the void on stage are Boston bands Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, the Luxury, and Cult 45.

Wrote T.T.’s bartender Helen A. Handbasket-Bull on the event’s Facebook page: “Because Rosie’s Place accepts no city, state or federal funding, they would not exist without the support of people like you. And quite simply, there is no place else like Rosie’s Place. There, women find not only what they need to survive, but what they need to thrive. A meal, a coat, a bed — all of these things make a difference today. But help for an addiction or mental illness, an education, a good job, a home — these things change lives for the better, and that is their goal. They move beyond providing nutrition and safety and strive to give the women who come here a chance at health, independence and a better life, for themselves and their children.”