This Show Is Tonight: Northlane reflect the ‘Mirror’s Edge’ in Boston

Courtesy of Crossroads Presents

A lethal dose of heaviness comes to Boston from a land far away, as Northlane return to North America in support of new EP Mirror’s Edge. The run, which features support from Invent, Animate as well as Thornhill and Windwaker, lands at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club tonight (July 10), a few months after a new single from the Australian metal band’s EP called “Afterimage” dropped, and it features Karnivool’s Ian Kenny.

“Touring with Karnivool changed my perspective on songwriting by showing me a solid groove is more interesting than some flashy technical bit,” says Northlane’s Jon Deiley. “Writing a good groove means you can exploit it in different ways while still keeping it interesting over time. Karnivool influenced Northlane by showing us that songwriting and nailing every transition live is more important than jumping around.” 

Deiley adds: “We hopped on the Asymmetry Tour years ago and were still riding the success of [2013 album] Singularity when we discovered pretty quickly some fans just want to stand and enjoy you playing the music perfectly. I think that’s where our unhealthy hyper-critical evaluation of our performance came from!”

Now Boston gets to experience it as well.

NORTHLANE + INVENT ANIMATE + THORNHILL + WINDWAKER :: Wednesday, July 10 at the Paradise Rock Club, 967 Commonwealth Ave. in Boston, MA :: 6 p.m., all ages, $25 :: Event info :: Advance tickets