‘Say What You Want,’ but shallow pools aren’t listening to your hate

Photo Credit: Chris Vigue

Actually, shallow pools think you’re the one who lacks depth. Agitated by the idiocy of Pride protesters, the Boston band rebukes anti-LGBTQIA+ bigots with their heavy-hitting new single “Say What You Want,” released yesterday (November 15) via Equal Vision Records.

The track presents Massachusetts artivism at its sharpest, enlisting Lowellian and PVRIS leader Lynn Gunn to co-write their unapologetic battle cry. The resulting lyrics snap between scathing and smug, taunting the holier-than-thou crowd with quips like “You’re calling me the devil / But she’s calling me ‘baby.'” And until the scornful picketing and tongue-wagging stops, shallow pools’ finger-wagging dance party will rage on, poignant shimmer-pop on full blast.

“The most important thing to me is making people feel safe and comfortable,” lead singer Glynnis Brennan explains. “I know that’s something that I looked for when I was younger. Just being able to have a song like this, that’s just like ‘Be yourself, who cares what anybody says?’, is something that a lot of people need to hear, especially these days with all the political nonsense happening in America.”

Say what you want, but it’s a latecomer to the SOTY contender list if we’ve ever heard one. Hear the first slice of shallow pools’ forthcoming album with Equal Vision Records below.