Kim Petras delivers alt-pop sacrament on ‘If Jesus Was A Rockstar’

Photo Credit: Jason Al-Taan

It’s important to note that around these parts, it’s always Kim Petras SZN. We’re fresh off a month of playing nothing but fright-pop spectacular TURN OFF THE LIGHT, and she’s riding high off “Unholy,” her Number 1 global smash hit with Sam Smith. But time, like the seasons, wait for no one, and today (November 11), our divine sorceress delivers an alt-pop sacrament from above with the guitar-driven Max Martin collab “If Jesus Was A Rockstar.”

It’s a song we first suspected had some autobiographical tones, and we weren’t too far off the mark as Petras opens up a bit and gets personal about her own upbringing: “Reflecting on finding her own relationship with spirituality after not feeling welcomed by the institution of religion when she was younger,” reads a press statement, “Kim wonders if more people would embrace religion if it embraced them as she creates her own badass Jesus as a call for inclusion.”

Or we can just let Petras be the new Jesus: We simply have no choice but to pray. Drop to your knees, put your palms together, and press play by the tip of your sinful finger below.