Patton Oswalt announces premiere date, drops trailer for new special


It really should be a national holiday whenever Patton Oswalt drops a new special. Sadly it isn’t, but just know that if it was, we’d be getting a day off a lot sooner than you might think.

As announced earlier this week, the comedy titan is making his way back into the specials game with a not-so-quiet entrance, as We All Scream hits Netflix on September 20. Within his fourth hour-long special for the streaming goliath, Oswalt will embark on a journey that covers a litany of topics, as only Oswalt can do and has done for so many years, with musings on getting older, looking back on a list of goals he made during the pandemic lockdown, the baby boomer’s last temper tantrum and more.

Oswalt’s keen eye for mercilessly dissecting the absurdities of culture and society is sure to bring this special into the stratosphere, and not to mention, it also marks his directorial debut, so there’s absolutely no stopping this laughing gas-powered clown car once it gets going.

Check out the trailer below.